What You Get

Doing good and feeling good!

By changing simple habits, you will not just have the feeling of doing something important!  You will be doing something important for the planet and yourself.

Thank You!

The first thing you will receive is the appreciation of having made a positive change and having found a responsible way of doing business.


A unique message

A message demonstrated with facts is a message that gives confidence. The Green Scissors makes it possible and delivers the message to its participants, and the participants to the customers.


Your 'Impact Statement'

An Impact Statement of what you have achieved in the field of sustainble business operations is a powerful tool. You will be able to share your achievements with your customers, demonstrating your commitment to building a better world..


The Green Scissors Logo

Our logo represents your sustainable commitment and will become your “Green Passport” to operate. As a participant you will have the right to use it wherever and whenever you think it´s convenient.

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A Green Image

Our press and media team are responsible for making you visible on social networks as a conscious company that cares about our planet.

Circular Economy Operations

Stop being only a spectator of the circular economy! Don’t stand on the sideslines but instead, become an active creator of the new global circular economy.

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To Be Part of Our Community

People with a common purpose create healthy and strong communities! The moment you become part of it, we can inspire each other and together we can make the change.