What We Do…

Make you Green

Hair back to nature

Aluminium Recovery

Plastic Recovery

Razor Blades Recovery

Social Initiatives


Our Mission

“Reducing waste, achieving sustainability, circular economy and doing good for people in need.”

We want to turn your hairdresser into a place where your customers not only feel at home but where it becomes clear to them that you are socially involved and that you are aware of your responsibility towards the environment by giving their hair back to nature and reclaiming raw materials from your business activities.

No Hairdresser Too Big Or Too Small

Small businesses play the same role as multinationals when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability does not have size! Only one thing matters: Do you want to be sustainable or not? Your size truly doesn´t matter!

The challenge is to find the balance between sustainable practices and commercial success, and now it is the time to comply with consumers’ desire to support sustainable practices. Aiming for zero waste is one of the ways to become more sustainable, and this is exactly how The Green Scissors work. Nothing gets wasted! By reusing discharged raw materials, your business will minimize waste, and your customers will contribute to help the environment and be more sustainable.

We rescue Raw Material from your Garbage Bin.

We recover hair, plastics, aluminum tubes, foils and razor blades from your garbage bin.

For a long time, hairdressers have been ‘linear’. This means you use a product and generate waste that is thrown away. To ensure that in the future there are enough raw materials for food, shelter, heating and other necessities, our economy must become circular and you, believe it or not, play an essential part in this. Via The Green Scissors, your hairdresser is converting waste into a new raw material that is obtained sustainably, and this way the hairdresser´s ´linear´ business is transformed into a circular business.

We make new products with your discarded raw materials, and part of the income we generate with this new products will be used to finance our social initiatives.

Hair Back To Nature

Hair is not waste! Hair is a source of nutrients that must return to the natural circle.

To bring hair back to nature and convert it into Eco Super Compost, we count with the collaboration of our partner GreenFerm.

GreenFerm focuses on the processing of animal slurry. At the Eco-factory located in the city of Apeldoorn in The Netherlands, GreenFerm is processing manure on a large-scale where our collected hair will be scientifically processed, combining existing and proven technologies with innovative eco-solutions, ensuring to create a new circular product, returning nutrients to nature with a minimum impact to our planet.
With the technology and research of GreenFerm, we can bring the hair of your customers back to the natural circle of life.