What We Do…

Make you Green

Hair back to nature

Aluminium Recovery

Plastic Recovery

Razor Blades Recovery

Social Initiatives


Our Mission

Transform waste, achieve sustainability, circular economy and doing good for people in need, redesign the hairdresser industry!

No Hairdresser Too Big Or Too Small

Your size truly doesn´t matter!

What truly matters is, if you want to be sustainable or not?

The challenge is to find your balance between responsible practices and commercial success.

We rescue Raw Material from your Garbage Bin.

We convert hair, plastics, aluminum tubes, foils and razor blades into raw materials. We make new products with them and the income we made support our social initiatives.

Hair Back To Nature

Hair is not waste! Hair is a source of nutrients that must return to the natural circle.

We bring the hair of your customers back to nature converting hair into super compost and using hair to clean oil leakages.