What We Do…

Through our Foundation, we donate and work for a real impact. We bring to your salon tangible actions where it becomes clear to customers that you and your hairdresser is socially involved, and aware of the responsibility towards the environment and the society, understanding the principles of sustainability and helping at the same time people with fewer resources.

Let’s Build Something Good Together

Our Social Initiatives

Through our initiatives, we want to build a bridge between your hairdresser’s shop and the people who benefit from your participation in The Green Scissors. We will bring your clients’ hair back to nature through a state-of-the-art process; the hair will become an Eco Super Composting, and your plastics and aluminium will be transformed into new products. Part of the income we generate will be used to finance our social initiatives.

We Give You The Tools

This initiative is, not just a one-time charity; instead, we provide people in need in undeveloped countries or communities with the tools and knowledge to achieve their dreams, by starting their own business. This way, we are converting an old proverb in reality: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”.

The Green Scissors Academy

This initiative is related to “We give you the tools”. With our online training platform, we can remotely train beginning hairdressers in developing countries and teach them the necessary hairdressing skills. We ask our participants to become volunteer trainers and define what you want to teach. This initiative puts our participants in direct contact with the people we help.

A Cut of Dignity

This initiative consists of coordinating services to people with no access to hairdressers due to homelessness, poverty, physical or mental limitations. Simply a simple new look can bring dignity to people, and our members can deliver dignity with their work.

The Mobile Scissors

This initiative is related to “A Cut of Dignity”. The Green Scissors goes to homeless people who do not have the economic resources to visit a hairdresser. We will combine this action with other initiatives in the field of hygiene for the homeless, following the example of the well-known stylist Joshua Coombes. A team of volunteer hairdressers and barbers are available several times a year to provide the needy with a nice haircut.

Education & Research

Believe or not a Hairdresser salon could play an essential role in teaching about the broad spectrum of social, economic and environmental global challenges the world is currently facing to the public.

A hairdresser is one of the few activities able to talk directly with hundred of people “one by one” holding a position of neutral and trusted party within society. But it is crucial to bring the right message and advocate the importance of sustainability and the circular economy.

We provide Education to hairdressers, institutions and suppliers how to bring the right message and understand the role that you play for the future of our planet.

Moving Toward 2030: Not Business As Usual

We will be your sustainability advisor!

As a participant of The Green Scissors, you will not only recycle your customers’ hair, plastics, razors and aluminium tubes and foils, but you will also get the support of a professional team of experts who support your path to sustainability and circular economy. We will be your sustainability advisor!

You can submit any questions you would like us to clarify, for example regarding the use of sustainable products or tips for saving water and energy in your daily business operations.

In addition, we provide online training in the field of sustainability and we have material available for you to train your employees to effectively convey the sustainability message to your customers. This is all included in your participation in The Green Scissors.

The Green Scissors & the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a business framework can be a new way of thinking about how to run an organization. You don’t have to start a foundation to give a positive social impact. We encourage hairdressers of any size or type to join us in working towards the United Nations SDGs. The clock is ticking!

Your business can integrate the SDGs directly into its services. If your salon gets engaged into The Green Scissors program, you will be aligned with several of the SDGs already.